Try Hoopla Binge Pass

hoopla BingePass is a brand new experience that gives our patrons unlimited streaming of great online content for 7 days with just a single hoopla Instant borrow. 

BingePass is a new format on hoopla — you can browse just like you would browse audiobooks, eBooks, movies, etc. You’ll find it with the “More” button in hoopla’s bottom navigation on a mobile device.

BingePass is launching with:

  • hoopla Magazines BingePass – patrons can access current issues of 50 popular and in-demand magazine titles with just one hoopla Instant borrow!
  • The Great Courses BingePass – patrons can complete a whole course from The Great Courses, or browse a variety of topics of interest, all with a single hoopla Instant borrow.