Online Resources

Take an Online Course

Learn Anything. Learn Anytime. Learn Anywhere. Learn something new today! UniversalClass offers hundreds of online CE classes. Our courses are not just tutorials; they are real. They include lessons, exams, assignments, discussion boards and actual assessments of your progress.

Mango Languages

Learn Spanish, English, French, Italian, German, Greek, or Russian the fun, interactive way – all on your own schedule, at your own pace, and wherever you want. 

Ulster County HOMEACCESS

Access to online reference resources 24/7 for patrons of Ulster county libraries made possible with funds from the Ulster County Legislature.

Pros and cons of controversial issues.  Understand the issues, understand each other.

Consumer Reports

"Unbiased product reviews & ratings. We buy everything we test, don't take ads, and survey millions of consumers to bring you informed advice you can trust."

NuWav Legal Documents

Legal Documents Made Easy.  

1. Search for the document specific to your situation.
2. Answer the questions in the web input form.
3. Review and print your document.

That’s it! You now have a professional-quality legal document ready to file.

Did you know? Portions of pertaining to New York are free to New York State residents. The New York State Archives partnered with Ancestry to digitize some NY state records of interest to genealogists. 

Library Elf

Library ELF is a web-based and email tool for library users to keep track of their library borrowings. Designed with the busy or avid library user in mind, ELF is ideal for families with multiple library cards or for individuals (writers, researchers, students, readers, etc.) who have cards from different libraries.

GovTrack is here to help you track legislation being debated in the United States Congress. This site gives you the tools to keep track of your elected officials in Washington.

A wonderful resource to help discern fact from fiction online including background information, several fact-checking sites, and even browser plug-ins that will notify you immediately if an article is fake. 

The ability to tell accurate news from fake news is an important skill that you'll use for the rest of your life.  This LibGuide will give you valuable insight in telling fact from fiction online, plus a chance to exercise your newfound skills.