New! Test Your Brain Matter with BrainHQ

The Highland Public Library is making the BrainHQ online brain-training platform available, without charge, to library card holders, who want to maintain or improve cognitive performance.

In a systematic comparison of brain training products for healthy aging, published last year in Neuropsychological Review, independent Alzheimer’s experts found that while most brain training programs had no studies showing efficacy, the exercises found exclusively in BrainHQ were backed by multiple high-quality studies.

BrainHQ is designed to be for everyone. Each BrainHQ exercise continuously adapts to an individual user’s performance, challenging the user with progressively tougher activities. Users can track their progress and compare their scores to other users in their demographic.

Library patrons can access the BrainHQ program remotely on many Internet-connected devices, such as home computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. All that is required is a valid library card and PIN.

Typically, subscribers pay a monthly or annual charge for access to these exercises, but they are now offered for free through your local library.