Make Nature Suncatchers


  1. Take a walk and collect bits of nature – leaves, flowers, seed pods, sticks, etc. If using fresh items, be aware that after some time, the finished product may appear cloudy due to the moisture content.  You may want to either dry your items (place on a towel or screen for several days until they are free of moisture) or press them (place flowers and leaves between the pages of a heavy book until flat and dry) first.
  2. Peel the paper backing off of one plastic sheet.  Placing the sheet sticky side up on a table, arrange your nature items in whatever way you like, leaving some room around the edges.
  3. Once satisfied with your arrangement, peel the paper backing off of the second plastic sheet and place it sticky side down on top of the the piece containing your nature items, smoothing out air bubbles and ensuring that the edges of the plastic are sealed together.
  4. Optional: Cut plastic into your shape of choice.