Library Services

The library offers outreach services for patrons with accessibility issues. Learn more about home delivery and mobile library services.

Additional Services

Computers & Printing

All library patrons have access to computers free of charge. 

Printing cost .20 cents per page for black and white prints while color prints cost .50 cents per page. 

Children printing homework assignments for school are free of charge. 


Copying services are open to the public. Color copies are. 50 cents a page while black and white are .20 cents a page.

Children copying items for school are free of charge. 


The Highland Public library offers fax services for recipients and senders. The following fees apply: $1.00 for the first page and .50 cents for each additional page afterward. 

Our fax number is 845-691-6302. 


Please call 845-691-2275 ext. 201 to schedule a notary appointment and for additional information. 


All library patrons have access to Highland’s free Wi-Fi.