Learning Made Fun and STEM/STEAM Activities

New Learning Made Fun Kits

The Highland Public Library has combined learning skill activities with library resources in fun easy-to-check-out learning kits for school aged children at all levels of learning. Subjects range from learning to tie shoes, learning shapes, and learning the alphabet for preschoolers, the hexagon kit to learn math and critical thinking skills for elementary students, and maker-lab kits to facilitate learning science and technology for upper-elementary and middle school students.

Learning Made Kits are also created with the homeschooler in mind. Contact us if you have questions about these new learning kits.

From the Children’s Room

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Learning Kits for Eductors and Home Schoolers

Suggested, but not limited to
ages 3-7

Learning Made Fun Kits for preschool to early elementary aged children.

Learn to Tie Your Shoes
Learn to Tie Your Shoes – Left Handers

Math Skills Learning Kits

Suggested, but not limited to
ages 6-10

School Supplies

Suggested, but not limited to
ages 8+

Learning Made Fun Kits for children upper-elementary and middle school aged children.

Maker Lab – Super Craft Kit
Maker Lab – Outdoors
Human Body
Coding and Music
Solar Power