Fifth Grader Reviews The Highland Public Library

The Highland Public Library

Do you want to sit down and read a book, but you don’t have the one you want? Or do you want to get comfortable and watch a movie, but you don’t have the DVD? Then, in my opinion, the Highland Public Library is the perfect place to go!

The Highland Public Library is in Highland N.Y. lt is a new building that is spacious and full of books, DVDs, games and more. The Highland Public Library gives you a feeling of coziness and calmness, so you are never rushed, and you feel as if there are no limits. They are kind librarians will help you with whatever you need.

Why should you go there? First of all, the Highland Public Library is a new building that is cozy and organized. The Highland Public Library has a larger parking lot, and there are many little nooks in the library where you can cuddle up and read.

Additionally, the Highland Public Library has very welcoming librarians. The librarians will help you with anything you need—finding, ordering, or checking out books included.

Also, you can even search for many different items online that the Mid-Hudson Library System owns—and you can search the items on a computer at the library! When you go online you can get any of the following: books, DVDs, Blue-rays, audiobooks, and games!

Still not Convinced? Another thing is the library does crafts and programs. They will do crafts made for a certain age, or just for anyone. The library will put up what and when the craft is, and you can sign up for it. (ln the case of COVID, then you can just pick up the craft or craft supplies. There is someone on Zoom doing it.)

Last, but not least, the Highland Public Library also takes COVID-19 very seriously. They are now having people book appointments, so they are the only people in the library besides the librarians—and even then, you have to wear a mask.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out and go to the Highland Public Library today!

Review by Molly
Mrs. Dudar and Mrs. Hallock’s 5th Grade Class
Highland Elementary School, Highland, NY