Get Everyone a FREE Library Card in September!

A library card is elemental! Get Yours Today

September is Library Card Month, and there’s no better time to celebrate the joy of reading and the power of libraries to transform lives. Whether you’re a lifelong library lover or someone who hasn’t visited your local library in a while, now is the perfect time to get a library card and start exploring the world of books, movies, music, and more that your library has to offer.

The Highland Public Library is a great place to learn and explore. Anyone can come here to expand their knowledge and meet new people. In addition to books, the library has many resources like online databases, research tools, events, and educational programs. It’s a community hub where you can discover new ideas and broaden your horizons.

Not only do libraries offer a wealth of resources for readers, but they also play a vital role in our communities. They provide access to information and services for people of all ages and backgrounds, and they serve as safe spaces where people can come together to connect, learn and grow.

For those who are new to libraries, getting a library card is easy and free. Simply visit your local library and fill out an application with your name, address, and contact information and bring your drivers licenses or a utility bill with your current addressYou must reside in the Highland Central School District. Once you have your card, you can start borrowing books, using computers, attending events, and accessing online resources right away.

A library card is a great way for kids to access books and resources, learn, and develop a love for reading. Many libraries offer programs and events for children. It also teaches responsibility and accountability. It’s a valuable tool for any child looking to expand their knowledge and creativity.

If you’re already a library cardholder, take this month as an opportunity to explore new genres, discover new authors, or attend a library program you’ve never tried before. Libraries are a treasure trove of knowledge and entertainment, and there’s always something new to discover.