Curbside Crafts: Galaxy Necklace Tutorial

Pick up the supplies to make a galaxy necklace at home! You will need nail polish and glitter nail polish, which can be found at home or in the Dollar General. Kits are available until Saturday, August 8th, or while supplies last.

This craft kit can be picked up through our curbside service. Contact the library to arrange a time for you to pick up your craft kit at 845-691-2275 (the craft kit is available the entire week during open hours). Kits are limited. Register now.

A galaxy is a huge collection of gas, dust, and billions of stars and their solar systems, all held together by gravity. Make your own unique Galaxy necklace using a few items you have at home or can pick up at your local dollar store. Search Google images for inspiration.


  • Ribbon Neck Cord
  • Metal Tray
  • Glass Cabochon

Additional Supplies

  • Strong Adhesive like ModPodge, E6000 or Crazy Glue
  • Toothpick
  • Assorted Nail Polishes/Glitter  (Pinks, purples, whites, blacks or whichever color suits your taste)


  1. Get your supplies together. 
  2. Visualize how you want your galaxy to look. You will be using layers to build your art starting from the front of the glass to the back. Whatever color you use first will be in front of your glass. Start with clear glitter for stars and dust. Let dry.
  3. Begin creating you nail polish design on the glass cabochon. You can use light brush strokes or make patterns with a toothpick. Allow polish dry in between coats if you do not want it to blend. You can make interesting blends by mixing different color polishes with a toothpick while wet.
  4. When you have acheived the desired look for your piece, let it dry completely.
  5. Paint the back of the glass with a dark color to fill any gaps.
  6. Attach glass to try with glue. Let dry. Do not get your necklace wet. It is not waterproof.
  7. Add chain and show off your colorful galaxy!