Curbside Crafts: Paracord Bracelet Tutorial

Supplies: Paracord, buckle, a ruler, scissors ( a lighter and needle nose pliers can come in handy)

  1. Measure the circumference of your wrist using the paracord.
  2.  Lay the paracord next to a ruler to see how many inches. (My wrist measured 6 inches).
  3. Your bracelet will measure one inch larger than your wrist with the buckle attached to your bracelet. If your paracord is frayed you can use a lighter to melt the end together with an adult’s help. 
  4. Take the ends of your paracord and feed them through the bottom of the buckle and out.  Pull both ends through the loop created in your paracord and make sure both sides are even. Pull tight to create a knot around the buckle. 
  5. Feed ends of paracord through the top of the forked end of the buckle and pull down towards the end. 
  6. Measure the paracord again making sure the measurement from the end of the buckle to the beginning of the forked buckle is the size of your wrist + 1 inch for the buckle. 
  7. Lay flat with forked facing up. 
  8. Take the right strand of the paracord and cross on top of the bracelet. 
  9. Take the left strand over the right, cross under the bracelet and pull through the loop. 
  10. Pull tight to create a knot. 
  11. Measure again and make sure that your bracelet is exactly the circumference of your wrist plus 1 inch for the buckle! 
  12. Take the left strand first this time and cross over the top of the bracelet.
  13.  Take the right strand over to the left, cross under the bracelet and thread through the loop. 
  14. Pull tight to create knot. 
  15. Repeat this until you reach the end of your bracelet. When you are finished you can use a scissor to trim the ends and burn them to seal your design. This will prevent fringing or the paracord from coming undone.

Pick up the supplies to make awesome paracord bracelets at home! Kits are available the week of Monday, July 20th through Saturday, July 25th! This craft kit can be picked up through our curbside service. Sign up here.