Curbside Craft: Unicorn Paper Craft

Registration is required. Paper Unicorn Craft Kits are available to be picked up through our curbside service and is available all week long beginning July 20th until the 25th of July. There is only 24 kits available for the week. The kit includes colored paper and instructions. Please call the library at 845-691-2275 and schedule a pick up time.


  • Different color paper
  • Double sided tape or glue
  • Scissors
  • Markers, colored pencils or crayons
  1. Choose a color for your unicorns legs.Depending on how big you want your unicorn, you can use 1 sheet of paper per leg or cut the paper in half. Don’t forget to get another sheet and make the other pair of legs.
  2. Roll the paper up and glue/tape (like a tube). 
  3. Choose a paper for your head and roll and glue/tape.
  4. Draw a face on roll.
  5. Draw ears, horn and tail.  Cut out.
  6. Grab another sheet for the body. If you made your unicorn big use the whole sheet, if you made it smaller-cut sheet in half.
  7. Take the legs and glue/tape together to each other. Make sure they are able to stand. If they don’t, trim the bottom of the legs for them to be even.
  8. Take the body sheet and glue/tape to the back of the legs and flap over to tape in the front (see picture).
  9. Glue/tape the ears and horn to the top of the head.
  10. Glue/tape head to body.
  11. Glue/tape tail.