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You deserve answers to all the questions you have about the Covid-19 vaccine. It’s up to us to be educated consumers when it comes to our heath care.  Check these vetted reources for the most recent data on Covid-19 cases and the Covid vaccine.

Ulster County Covid-19 Dashboard
Stay on top of the number of Covid cases in Ulster County.

NIH-Community Engagement Alliance
Diversity and Inclusion in Covid-19 Science.

It’s Up to You – Get Covid-19 Answers
Let science and education guide you as you work through your decision-making process regarding the Covid-19 vaccine.

Vaccine Information

Ulster County Walk-in Vaccine Clinics

The Covid-19 vaccine is being distributed by the government. We understand healthcare information can be confusing. If you need to help navigating the Covid-19 website or are confused about what you are reading regarding the vaccine, we are here to help.

If you require assistance working getting a vaccine in Ulster County, please contact us, we can help you navigate the system. However, we can not schedule appointments.