Covid-19 Get the Answers

Library Safety

Ulster County is  currently a high risk according to metrics used by the CDC and we will continue to monitor the guidelines and make necessary adjustments as we have throughout this Pandemic. Social distance policy remains in effect for programs.

We strongly recommend wearing masks in the library especially for group programs and while working with staff.

Get Real Answers

You deserve answers to all the questions you have about the Covid-19 vaccine. It’s up to us to be educated consumers when it comes to our heath care.  Check these vetted reources for the most recent data on Covid-19 cases and the Covid vaccine.

Ulster County Covid-19 Dashboard
Stay on top of the number of Covid cases in Ulster County.

NIH-Community Engagement Alliance
Diversity and Inclusion in Covid-19 Science.

It’s Up to You – Get Covid-19 Answers
Let science and education guide you as you work through your decision-making process regarding the Covid-19 vaccine.

Vaccine Information

Ulster County Walk-in Vaccine Clinics

The Covid-19 vaccine is being distributed by the government. We understand healthcare information can be confusing. If you need to help navigating the Covid-19 website or are confused about what you are reading regarding the vaccine, we are here to help.

If you require assistance working getting a vaccine in Ulster County, please contact us, we can help you navigate the system. However, we can not schedule appointments.


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