Checkers TV Episodes

Be sure to join Highland Public Library for our new virtual online kids’ program Checkers Library TV.

Checkers Library TV is fun and educational with stories, adventures, science and art projects, book and movie recommendations, special guests, games, jokes, trivia, and much more. The show will run all school-year long with new episodes added every month. Now you can watch this new fun program online right from your own home.

Featured Topic– Spring Holidays
We will discuss the special days of April Fools Day, Easter, and Earth Day.

Book Recommendations
This month we recommend: “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” by Beatrix Potter, “A Runaway Bunny” by Margret Wise Brown, “Pat the Bunny ” by Borthy Kunhardt, and “Bunny’s Book Club” by Annie Silvestro.

Book Reviews
“Bunny Trouble” by Hans Wilhelm “and “Here Comes Peter Cotton Tale” by Steve Nelson and Jack Rollins.

Mrs. Hamilton’s Storytime Theater
We present “I Need an Easter Egg” by Harriet Ziefert.

Dr. Dan
Discussing four tips to be safe and healthy this Spring.

Toys In Time – Continuing the adventures from last month with many twists and turns.

Art Projects 
Children can create their own Bunny.  We provide video instruction and download pages that can be printed in color on printer paper or card stock.

Download Bunny 1
Download Bunny 2

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