Checkers TV is Here!


The Highland Public Library is excited to announce the premiere of Checkers Library TV, our new virtual kids and family program.

Checkers Library TV is a kids and family-friendly show that features kid’s personality and educational entertainer Checkers The Inventor and his robot sidekick, Snoozer’s. New episodes are released every month throughout the school-year as kids and parents will enjoy a variety of special visitors including medical professionals, community leaders, police officers, firefighters, and other guests in highly-produced 30-minute episodes.

Each episode also includes a variety of segments featuring:

  • Storytelling Science
  • Experiments Special
  • Guests Games And Contests
  • Art Projects
  • Trivia & Jokes
  • Book Recommendations
  • Health Tips & News
  • Cool Inventions
  • Interactive Features
    and more!

Who is Checkers?

Checkers The Inventor is an educational entertainer that, for over a decade, has specialized in producing kids programs, presentations, and performances for audiences from ages 3-10, that emphasizes character development, positive core content and messages through high-profile multi-media formats including live performances, school assemblies, his own book series, a television show, press and media appearances, a product-line, a membership program for continued education and engagement, and a Youtube video channel that has enjoyed over 6 million views and still growing every day. Checkers’ reach has been worldwide.

Checkers The Inventor and his robot sidekick, Snoozer travel to libraries, schools, and all kinds of family events to spread their message of creativity and love of learning. Checkers is committed to the betterment of children through multimedia educational entertainment. Checkers reaches kids through his role model status while inspiring and motivating them to learn.

Checkers & Snoozer have even appeared at The White House for the President and First Lady performing for audiences of over 150,000 kids and families from across the U.S.

In 2020, Checkers has debuted Checkers Library TV, an educational entertainment program featuring Checkers the Inventor, Snoozer, and a variety of special visitors including medical professionals, community leaders, police officers, firefighters, and other special guests in highly-produced 30-minute episodes. Each monthly episode also includes segments featuring storytelling, author interviews, art projects, science experiments, interactive games, contests, comedy, magic, and exciting short films that will have children on the edge of their seats.

The audience’s connection and interest in Checkers, his characters, his unique inventions, and learning adventures often begins long before his appearances and continues long after they have ended. Kids and families create a true continued interest and investment in Checkers and the popular characters for the show, their storyline adventures, and the lessons and messages of the show.

Kids, students, and families create a true continued interest and investment in the world of Checkers The Inventor and his robot sidekick, Snoozer. For many kids, the introduction to Checkers may begin even before their school years by engagement through Checkers’ Early Learning Educational Series.

This allows Checkers and his friends to connect with kids and families while being a multi-media resource for learning and development, entertainment, and interaction, at live community events, at schools and libraries, and at home through Checker’s educational resources.

Kids and families continue to return over and over again for new content from Checkers The Inventor every week through our multimedia resources. It is this additional access to created content, resources, the virtual platform, and multi-faceted progressive engagement that, together creates a lasting impression, connection, and continued interest, a combined experience that many parents and educators call “The Checkers Effect!” seeing Checkers and his friends as role models in development, learning, and engagement. It is for this reason that Checkers is much more than just a personality, but a recognized source of family-friendly, kids-approved continuous content.

“The Checkers Effect” is fun, impactful, powerful, and most of all features continual and ongoing support and engagement, creating a positive, family-friendly educational environment and safe community that kids, parents, families, and supporters alike recognize. Its uniqueness and ability allow Checkers to reach and teach kids on a variety of levels and topics, both personal and academic, all through our special format of multi-media educational entertainment.

“The Checkers Effect” is larger than any of our programs or performances as it is the totality of many desired elements created for maximum impact, engagement, and effectiveness, creating a very special and loyal following.

Checkers has many new releases and resources planned in the upcoming year to continue his valued relationship with his audience, parents, and educators alike. Live or online, audiences and fans can’t get enough of Checkers The Inventor and Snoozer and always look forward to their next adventure.