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The Big Library Read: The Quiet Girl

The Quiet Girl begins with struggling entrepreneur Alex’s arrival in Provincetown to patch things up with his new wife, Mina. He finds an empty wine glass in the sink, her wedding ring on the desk, and a string of questions in her wake. The police believe that Mina, a successful romance author, simply left, their marriage crumbling before it truly began. But what Alex finds in their empty cottage points him toward a different reality: Mina has always carried a secret. And now she’s disappeared. In his hunt for the truth, Alex comes across Layla, a young woman with information to share, who may hold the key to everything his wife has kept hidden. To find his missing wife, Alex must face what Layla has forgotten.

Check out The Quiet Girl

Big Library Read is an international reading program that connects millions of readers around the world with an ebook through public libraries. The Quiet Girl is the 25th selection of this program which began in 2013 and takes place three times per year. Readers can join an online discussion about the book at This free program runs for two weeks and only requires a Highland Public Library card to get started.

The Quiet Girl was published by Sourcebooks. The title can be read on all major computers and devices through Libby or, including iPhone®, iPad®, Android™ phones and tablets and Chromebook™ without waitlists or holds. Through Libby, readers can also “send to Kindle®” [U.S. libraries only]. The title will automatically expire at the end of the lending period, and there are no late fees.

To join the discussion, learn about past Big Library Read titles and download Libby, visit

Covid-19 Safety Information

Library Safety

Our priority during the COVID-19 pandemic has been and remains focused on the safety of our staff and the community we serve. The library is considered similar to schools at which masks are still required.  We want families to feel comfortable entering the library.

  • Masks are requested not required. We will not be requiring masks but request them especially in the children’s area.
  • Unvaccinated individuals are responsible for continuing to wear a mask, as per CDC guidance.
  • Governor’s lift on mask mandate.

Vaccine Information

Ulster County Walk-in Vaccine Clinics

The Covid-19 vaccine is being distributed by the government. We understand healthcare information can be confusing. If you need to help navigating the Covid-19 website or are confused about what you are reading regarding the vaccine, we are here to help.

If you require assistance working getting a vaccine in Ulster County, please contact us, we can help you navigate the system. However, we can not schedule appointments.


Clintondale Library Branch Closing

It is with much sadness that we announce the closing of our Clintondale Branch.  We have valued our partnership with the Clintondale Friends Church and enjoyed the opportunity to have a physical presence in Clintondale.  The Church is growing and needs the building for their own programs. We thank them for allowing us to utilize the building for over 30 years and wish them well.

The Branch will close to the public on July 31, 2021.  Staff will remain in the building through August and possibly September to pack up. Beginning August 1, 2021 please pick up any outstanding holds and return any Clintondale items to Highland.

Staff will transfer to Highland where they will continue the programs they started while at Clintondale. Thank you for your support all these years. We hope to see you at our primary location in Highland.

Covid Vaccine Clinics in Ulster County

All people over the age of 12 are eligible to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Ulster County has the capacity to distribute up to 50,000 vaccines a month. Vaccine supply is being apportioned to the County by New York State. The County now offers walk-in clinics and pop-up PODs, and is also posting appointment links below and on the County’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

 COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics Schedule is shown below. Use the links to register for an appointment. 

 Appointments are helpful, but WALK-INS are welcome:

Please note: 2nd dose clinics are automatically scheduled through the CDMS system. Moderna vaccine 2nd dose clinics will be scheduled for 28 days later. Pfizer vaccine 2nd dose clinics will be scheduled for 21 days later. Please only register for a 1st dose appointment when you can make both 1st and 2nd dose clinic dates. All people over the age of 12 are eligible to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Full details at:

New Streaming Services With OverDrive

The Highland Public Library provided AcornTV digital streaming services to its patrons through its partnership with Ulster County Library Association.  AcornTV has made the decision to no longer serve library accounts and to focus on personal consumer accounts. 

RBDigital, provider of AcornTV and additional library services was recently acquired by OverDrive. RBDigital library services was retired on  May 20, 2021. However, OverDrive is continually improving digital library services offering thousands of magazine titles including foreign and specialty titles and a vast collection of audiobooks and ebooks offered by The Highland Public Library to Ulster County residents free with a library card through the OverDrive/Libby app.

“Overdrive continues to try to come to some agreement with AcornTV. We hope AcornTV will be back in the future and are disappointed with their decision. However OverDrive continues to add thousands of titles for patrons’ enjoyment through their Libby app,”  says Julie Kelsall-Dempsey, Library Director. 

If you live in Highland and you are missing your AcornTV shows, hoopla provides a selection of British TV shows and movies that you may like.  The Great Courses and Universal Classes can be found on the Libby app with the addition of Ulster County Library Association  as a library.You can add Ulster County Library Association as another library to your OverDrive account and Libby app by following these directions.

Acorn TV is Cancelled

RBDigital will no longer be available after May 14th. Many of the services offered through RBDigital will be found in the Libby App. Unfortunately, AcornTV will no longer be offered. At this time, they have decided to no longer offer library accounts and are focusing on personal consumer accounts. Overdrive continues to try and come to some agreement with AcornTV. We hope AcornTV will be back in the future and are disappointed in their decision.”

“I Voted” Sticker Contest for Ulster Co. Students

Commissioners Dittus and Quigley have announced a new community initiative for Ulster County students. The “I Voted” Sticker contest was created to promote the voting process and give young people a platform for civic engagement. Print the flyer for your budding artists and illustrators!

“I Voted” Sticker Contest Rules

WHO: Any young person, age 13-18 that is a resident of Ulster County can participate. 
WHAT: Design a logo that we will use to create “I Voted” 2-inch stickers and digital graphics that can be used for sharing for the November 2, 2021 General Election. I Voted must appear somewhere in the design, but the rest is up to you. 
WHEN: Artwork will be collected between the period of April 1, 2021- June 1, 2021. The Ulster County Board of Elections Commissioners will select the top designs and then open the contest up to voting on the top designs at during the month of July. The winning designs will be selected from the top vote getters and posted on September 10, 2021 and the stickers will be distributed during the November 2nd General Election. 
HOW: Send your artwork – Photo, PDF, JPEG to For more information please contact: Jen Fuentes or Keri Williams at 845.334.5470.

Fifth Grader Reviews The Highland Public Library

The Highland Public Library

Do you want to sit down and read a book, but you don’t have the one you want? Or do you want to get comfortable and watch a movie, but you don’t have the DVD? Then, in my opinion, the Highland Public Library is the perfect place to go!

The Highland Public Library is in Highland N.Y. lt is a new building that is spacious and full of books, DVDs, games and more. The Highland Public Library gives you a feeling of coziness and calmness, so you are never rushed, and you feel as if there are no limits. They are kind librarians will help you with whatever you need.

Why should you go there? First of all, the Highland Public Library is a new building that is cozy and organized. The Highland Public Library has a larger parking lot, and there are many little nooks in the library where you can cuddle up and read.

Additionally, the Highland Public Library has very welcoming librarians. The librarians will help you with anything you need—finding, ordering, or checking out books included.

Also, you can even search for many different items online that the Mid-Hudson Library System owns—and you can search the items on a computer at the library! When you go online you can get any of the following: books, DVDs, Blue-rays, audiobooks, and games!

Still not Convinced? Another thing is the library does crafts and programs. They will do crafts made for a certain age, or just for anyone. The library will put up what and when the craft is, and you can sign up for it. (ln the case of COVID, then you can just pick up the craft or craft supplies. There is someone on Zoom doing it.)

Last, but not least, the Highland Public Library also takes COVID-19 very seriously. They are now having people book appointments, so they are the only people in the library besides the librarians—and even then, you have to wear a mask.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out and go to the Highland Public Library today!

Review by Molly
Mrs. Dudar and Mrs. Hallock’s 5th Grade Class
Highland Elementary School, Highland, NY

6 Library Card Benefits You May Not Have Expected

It’s 2021. You have every piece of information you could ever want or need at your fingertips. Why would you want a library card? Well, there are many benefits to having a library card, but these top six reasons will have you applying immediately. It doesn’t matter if your young, old, a parent, a teacher or a student—everyone can benefit by having a library card and using it regularly. What you may not realize is libraries are no longer stodgy old buildings stacked with old dusty smelling books of the past. Modern libraries are community centers and its staff takes pride in the multitude of services offered to its patron library card holders.

Let’s discuss six library card benefits that will positively excite you about using Highland Public Library’s services.


Save time and money by using your library card benefits. Why pay for books, magazines and multimedia that are going to sit on a shelf or get tossed into a donation or recycle bin when you’re through with them? All library resources are FREE of charge with your library card. Try the Library Savings Calculator to see how much you will save by using the library for a year as opposed to buying from


Downloading ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, and streaming movies at home to your favorite digital device, including your television is easier than you think. Most library streaming services have apps that manage ebook and audiobooks checkouts like OverDrive’s Libby. For movie streaming you can use Kanopy or Hoopla and watch on your Roku, AppleTV, Chromecast or Amazon FireTV. The library even has computer classes to teach you how to get the most out of these apps.


Spanish is America’s second most popular language. The library provides language classes in 70+ foreign languages (Spanish, French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Irish and more) and 20+ English as a Second Language (ESL) courses. Learn on your own time by using the Mango App, which provides a fast and user-friendly way to become fluent in a second language.


The Highland Public Library offers FREE live tutoring services through You can get assistance through on-demand tutoring if you need homework help, test preparation tips and writing guidance is also available for students in grades K-Adult in over 60 subjects. No appointment is necessary! Tutors are available from 2-9pm. Patrons can also use’s drop-off reviews, practice quizzes, video lessons, and The Princeton Review® SAT®/ACT® Essentials for self-study, 24/7. This is a no stress solution is provided as a service when use your library card benefits.


Through the library’s website, Highland Public Library patrons have access to lifelong learning courses in over 30 subject areas. More than 500 courses are available FREE with your library card, and all are designed and led by professional instructors. Universal Class offers many business and personal development classes. Life-long learners with an interest in cooking, fine arts, music, science and philosophy, will enjoy The Great Courses without the expense of a personal account.


The Ulster County Office of Employment & Training is partnering with Coursera to offer Ulster County residents FREE online learning courses. Get resume help and interview tips online with JobNow using your library card.

Apply for your Highland Public Library library card today and start benefiting from the rewards. Connect, learn and grow at your local library.