Book Club

Hooked on Books

The Hooked on Books book club is a dynamic group of patrons who love to read good books and participate in lively discussion. Each month a book is selected by a club member in rotation based on an annual theme of the club’s choosing.

You are welcome to join the meeting even if you haven’t read the book to see what this group is a good fit for you.


Wednesday, December 28th 4:45-5:45pm in the Highland Public Library Meeting Room.

Special Cookie Swap/Tea


Register Online by visiting our calendar or contact the library at 845.691.2275 and ask for Donna.

December 2022 Book Selection

You can reserve your copy online at:, or contact Donna at 845.691.2275.

The Seven Days of Us by Francesca Hornak


A warm, wry, sharply observed debut novel about what happens when a family is forced to spend a week together in quarantine over the holidays… It’s Christmas, and for the first time in years the entire Birch family will be under one roof. Even Emma and Andrew’s elder daughter–who is usually off saving the world–will be joining them at Weyfield Hall, their aging country estate. But Olivia, a doctor, is only coming home because she has to. Having just returned from treating an epidemic abroad, she’s been told she must stay in quarantine for a week…and so too should her family. For the next seven days, the Birches are locked down, cut off from the rest of humanity–and even decent Wi-FI–and forced into each other’s orbits. Younger, unabashedly frivolous daughter Phoebe is fixated on her upcoming wedding, while Olivia deals with the culture shock of being immersed in first-world problems. As Andrew sequesters himself in his study writing scathing restaurant reviews and remembering his glory days as a war correspondent, Emma hides a secret that will turn the whole family upside down. In close proximity, not much can stay hidden for long, and as revelations and long-held tensions come to light, nothing is more shocking than the unexpected guest who’s about to arrive…”