Meet the Staff

Julie Kelsall-Dempsey, Library Director
Julie Kelsall-Dempsey
Library Director
(845) 691-2275 ext. 203
Holly Sgro, Head of Children’s Department/ Assistant Director
Holly Sgro
Head of Children’s Department/ Assistant Director
(845) 691-2275 ext. 207
Sara Ottaviano, Head of Circulation/Library Clerk
Sara Ottaviano
Head of Circulation/Library Technician
(845) 691-2275 ext. 205
Arlene MchMahon, Clintondale Branch Manager/Library Clerk
Arlene MchMahon
Clintondale Branch Manager/Library Clerk
Caitlyn Stever, Young Adult & Program Librarian
Caitlyn Stever
Young Adult & Program Librarian
(845) 691-2275 ext. 208
Lisa Gill, Clerk
Lisa Gill
Library Assistant
845-691-2275 ext: 204
Donna Davies
Marketing Manager
845-691-2275 ext 206
John Zaoutis, Library Clerk
John Zaoutis
845-691-2275 ext 201
Genie Fernandes
Toni Vinal, Clerk
Toni Vinal