Library Services On Hold

COVID-19 Updates

Effective: 3/17/2020: All library services are on hold until April 20th. The library is closed. There are no holds or pickups. Digital

Collections are available for checkout with your library card. You may get your library card online through self-registration.

  • Friday 3/20 will be the last accepted delivery of Field Goods. 
  • Books can be returned in the drop box. Staff will process the returns daily. 
  • There are no late fees for days that the library is officially closed. 
  • Friday 3/20 will be the last accepted delivery of Field Goods. 

New York State Virus Information and Updates 

In a world were peoples' fears and opinions are openly shared through social media, it is important to know where to get valid sources 

of information regarding the Corona virus. Be aware, but verify your sources before sharing them. Not everything you read on the internet is true.

Here are valid sources of information regarding New York State's current situation regarding residents health and well-being.  We will share

information readily through our social media accounts as changes occur.

1. The Center for Disease Control (CDC)

2. The World Health Organization

3. New York State Health

4. NYS Governor's News and Updates

5. Mid-Hudson Library System COVID-19 Resources