3D Printing and Tinkercad

We love hosting our 3D Printing classes at the library! Did you know that you can learn how to design a 3D object from your own home using Tinkercad? Save whatever you create and print your item at the library when we reopen.  Signing up for Tinkercad is free and allows you to save whatever projects you work on. There are also great lessons on the website that teach you how to place shapes or text on your workspace and edit them to create your own masterpiece. A great lesson to start with is “Key Ring, Letters” found on their Basic Skills page. 

Visit Tinkercad to learn the basics, take lessons, and try out projects on a grander scale. 

Interested in seeing what others are designing and 3D printing? You can use the search bar in Tinkercad or Thingiverse (a website with an amazing collection of user uploaded files, many of which can be downloaded and tinkered with) and see the amazing designs people are making worldwide

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